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List Of 10 Best Dell Laptops

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Reviewed by T.Simon , 2015-11-07

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Laptops are the best replacement for a desktop PC and users can conveniently carry their workstation with them anywhere. Considering its utility and contain your complete office with convenience has prompted the manufacturers to concentrate more on this extremely useful product. As a result, we have a huge variety of laptops in the market. Starting from very experienced companies to new organizations everyone has put its laptops in the market offering a wide range of choice for the users. In this article, we have selected the ten best Dell laptops. Dell Company needs no introduction and is well known for its quality products.

1-    Dell XPS 13 (2015, Non-touch)


Dell XPS 13 2015 is considered the best non-touch 13 inches laptop. It is a wonder of technology that Dell has produced and has put a 13 inches display with the minimum bezel around it on an 11 inches chassis. The display has 2560 x 1440-pixel resolution and is powered with Intel 5th Generation Core series processor combined with 128GB SSD hard drive operating  Windows 8.1. The Dell XPS 13 2015 has the soft-touch keyboard with deck and carbon-fiber bottom which makes the typing easy. The Dell XPS 13 2015 gives the 12 hours battery backup to the users. This fantastic laptop is available in the price of $799.99.

Strong and Weak Points

On the plus side, the Dell XPS 13 2015 has a powerful battery, soft and small touch-pad, comfortable keyboard, and attractive design. On the contrary odd camera placement, slow SSD performance and overheating are the reported negative points in this laptop.

2-    Dell Chromebook 11 (i3)


Dell Chromebook 11 (i3) is the best Chromebook till yet because of its simplicity, but that does not mean the laptop is slow in working. The Dell Chromebook 11 operates the Chrome OS paired with Intel Core i3 processor with 4GB RAM combined with 16GB SSD hard disk for performing the multiple tasks with the excellent speed. The Dell Chromebook 11 i3 has an efficient battery which gives 10 hours battery backup after the complete charge. This premium Chromebook 11 i3 is available in the price of $399.

Strong and Weak Points

The Dell Chromebook 11 i3 is known for its solid performance, good battery backup and simplicity in design as good points and the dull screen and odd-looking keyboard are the weak points.

3-    Alienware 17


Dell designed the Dell Alienware 17 laptop for the gamers and the laptop is the best gaming laptop in the list. It has the excellent graphic performance to make it the best gaming laptop. The Dell Alienware 17 has 17 inches display with 1080 pixels resolution which gives the bright and sharp colors display. The laptop has Intel Core i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM combined with Nvidia GTX 980M graphic card. It has the flexibility of upgrades and users can make it as powerful as they need. The Laptop is available in the price of $1399.

Strong and Weak Points

The strong points of this laptop include elegant design, powerful vivid display, and a chassis which will meet future requirements for quite some time and a powerful battery backup. The negative points of this gaming laptop are the overheating problem and low-quality audio output.

4-    Dell XPS 15


If anyone is looking for the best Multimedia laptop, the Dell XPS 15 is the choice for performing the best Multimedia tasks. The Dell gives a premium look to the laptop and made the laptop chassis with aluminum and fiber- carbon. This best multimedia Dell XPS 15 has 4K display powered with Intel Core i7 processor and paired with Nvidia GeForce 750M graphics card. The Dell XPS 15 has 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD hard disk. The keyboard of this laptop is wide and broad which makes the typing easy and comfortable. The laptop is available in against the cost of $2199.

Strong and Weak Points

The sharp and bright 4K display is the main strong point of this laptop; others like the charming design, efficient performance, and a good audio quality are included in the strong points list. The overheating problem is the only weak point found in this best Multi Media Dell XPS 15 laptop.

5-    Dell Latitude E7450


Dell latitude E7450 is the best laptop for work and business which carries no extra features which are generally unnecessary. It is simple straight useful working laptop there is no confusing and just for fun sake features in the laptop. It has 14 inches display, a good back-lit keyboard. It has carbon-fiber and magnesium-alloy case grade 810G-rated toughness. The laptop has Intel Core i5 CPU with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD hard disk. The users are able to put additional features like a fingerprint reader, a smart card reader and NFC in this business machine. Dell sets $999 price tag for this best business laptop.

Strong and Weak Points

The laptop is well built in design and light in weight but very tough. It has the comfortable keyboard, efficient speakers, and very powerful battery and, on the other hand, the negative points of this laptop are the unsatisfactory audio quality and overheated.

6-    Dell Inspiron 11 3000


If anyone wants a good value for money in the form of laptop Hybrid Dell Inspiron 11 3000 is the best choice available against the price of $329. This laptop has the bright touch screen which allows the users to convert the laptop into the tablet form. This best Hybrid laptop has the comfortable keyboard which makes the typing easy and has the good audio because of its well-balanced loudspeakers. The Intel Dual Core processor works inside the laptop. The laptop runs Windows 10 Home edition and users have 500GB hard disk which gives the huge space for storing the data.

Strong and Weak Points

This Hybrid laptop has the bright display, strong battery, and good configuration which are the real value for the money. However on the negative side this extra sensitive laptop gets unresponsive because of the Touchpad.

7-    Dell Latitude 7350


Dell Latitude 7350 is the convertible device. It is a tablet that can be converted into the laptop by attaching a dock containing a keyboard and a touchpad and also houses the additional battery inside. The tablet itself is limited in connectivity, but the dock provides two ports for USB’s enhancing the connectivity of the device. It is simple, but the very strong made tablet/laptop is powered with Intel Core M processor, 8GB of RAM paired with 256GB SSD. The powerful battery gives 10 hours backup to the users. The laptop has 13.3 inches full HD display which allows the users to convert the tablet into the laptop anytime. This convertible best business machine is available against $1199. 

Strong and Weak Points

This business machine has the strong build, Keyboard dock with the sturdy hinge and strong battery are the strong points and the weak points of this laptop are battery backup is not sufficient in tablet mode, heavy and a lack of ports.

8-    Alienware 13


Using desktop PCs was passed and the current tradition that has changed completely and the technology get compact day by day. Users need the versatility in all aspects and Dell Alienware 13 is the best choice for those who need versatility. This is the best gaming Ultra-portable machine available in the price of $849. The Dell Alienware 13 has 13 inches screen with the resolution 2560x1440 display and has GeForce GTX 860M GPU. This laptop has the powerful battery which gives 6 hours backup life. 

Strong and Weak Points

The Alienware 13 has the strong battery life, slim and sleek design, bright and sharp touch screen, easy and comfortable display, adjustable lighting effect and the best audio quality are the good features for this laptops. The negative points in this laptop are overheating and unsatisfactory graphical performance without the amplifier.

9-    Dell Precision M2800


Dell Precision M2800 is yet another complete workstation from Dell that runs Windows 7. The Dell Precision M2800 has the 15-inch display with the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels display which gives sharp and bright colors to the users. The laptop has the soft deck keyboard gives the comfortable typing to the users and the laptop has the strong chassis for tough headlining. The Intel Core i7 processor works inside the laptop and this complete workstation is available in the price of $999.

Strong and Weak Points

Dell Precision M2800 has some strong and some weak points. The plus points are speedy performance, bright full HD display, soft-touch deck keyboard, powerful body for rough handling and the negative points are heavy in weight and the design of the laptop gives the fatty look, a touchpad is too small and the color accuracy of the screen is low.


10-    Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme


If you want a laptop that handles the rough treatment than the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme is the perfect option for you. The laptop is able to tolerate the extremely high temperatures, shock, radiation, rain, sand, dust, and water because of its magnesium-alloy body, shock-absorbent ultra-polymer materials, and protected ports. This is a 14-inch responsive touch screen with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution and has 8 hours of battery backup and a Nvidia graphics card built in. The Intel Core i5 working inside the laptop and has 256GB hard drive. This rough and tough laptop is available in the price of $3655.

Strong and Weak Points

The plus points of Dell Latitude 14 Rugged are, rough and tough in handling design; Responsive touch screen; Nvidia graphics discrete port protected and a good 8 hours  battery life and the negative points of this laptop are touch-pad gets unresponsive sometimes and it carries a high price tag.


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